Our Story

Our story began 4 years ago, when evening after evening I found myself cooking 2 different entrees as my husband has different tastes in food than I. He is selective. He likes what he likes. I say he's a little finicky. Anyway, I found myself often using multiple skillets and burners as I was also preparing vegetables. Even worse, when he was working late or traveling, I would again use multiple skillets to heat food up just for me.

I started thinking as I was cleaning the pots and pans after dinner (he'd want me to mention that he does the clean up, too. He does!) that there has to be a better way.

A picture of cooking in one pan - using only one burner and cleaning only one pan occurred to me. Aha! I had (and still have) a Tupperware ™ compartmentalized storage container. It happened to fit right into a skillet. We discussed it, researched the idea, and the more we talked about it, the more it made sense to search to see if this product existed. It was fun to go into the major retail stores and peruse the merchandise. We started noticing all kinds of products that one person with a single idea had brought their invention to market. We sought out specialty cooking, cookware and kitchen stores. I receive gazillions of catalogs, so it was again, looking for the divided skillet. We searched everywhere and the idea was born that we were going to pursue this.

As we have proceeded, I took some courses on product design, bringing a product to market and quickly found out that this was going to be a fun and interesting journey. Indeed, it has been and is. There are really no rules or A,B,C,D information to make it happen. There have been numerous snags and delays along the way. There have been more decisions to make than I ever imagined. There are more parts to a pan or skillet than I ever noticed. I was absolutely amazed at packaging design, patent work, merchandising, manufacturing and marketing.

I am glad to use the triple divided skillet myself - daily. No more using every pan I have and no longer cleaning a sink full of dishes or filling the dishwasher so often. Whew! The triple divided skillet is the answer at our house. And hopefully yours.

Vicki and Dean Slack

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