NEW, exclusive and patented Prepare 3 or 2 foods in 1 pan Saves energy, water and time!

Size 8"(20cm) 10"(25cm) 12"(30cm)
Non-Stick NS08-302 NS10-301 NS12-303

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The Triple Divided Skillet® is well designed with you in mind. If you like scrambled eggs and someone else in your home, apt. (or boat or camper) likes over-easy, you can fix both at the same time in one convenient pan, instead of two separate pans. Add your bacon, sausage links, ham, etc. and your meal is complete in the one pan.


8”(20cm) Non-Stick Triple Divided Skillet™


10”(25cm) Non-Stick Triple Divided Skillet™


12”(30cm) Non-Stick Triple Divided Skillet™

If your child wants chicken fingers and you want another type of chicken, you can fix both at the same time. Just add the vegetable that you will both share.

The Triple Divided Skillet™ is ideal for reheating your leftovers. Often, I find that leftovers are better the next day for lunch or dinner. Just put them all in one pan with the triple dividers and the juices will not run into each other. You will also have just one pan to clean.

If eating just the right portion is important to you, this pan will be perfect.

Using only one pan instead of two or three is convenient and saves you time and will save energy. Instead of using 2 or 3 burners, you will use just one.

Seniors, as you downsize and enjoy a smaller living area, using just one pan is perfect for you.

Students, in your dorm room, if you are using a hot plate, this divided skillet is ideal for you. Cook and/or reheat your food and quickly wash just one pan.

If someone in your household is unable to have salt in their food, you will no longer have to sacrifice your taste. Just heat the same food in two different compartments - one with salt and one without salt and each will be happy

Campers, if you are using a hot plate, again, you can heat or cook several different foods with ease.

Boaters - those of you who have a tiny stove with few burners, this is ideal for you. Just one pan to clean and just one pan to store.

Apartment owners - this pan is for you! This skillet will give you many options in cooking/reheating your foods in a small area.

Moms and Dads - if your children want different foods, you will love this. One child may want a hot dog and one child may want chicken fingers. The children and the parents will be happy with this skillet.

This pan is perfect and ideal for your everyday needs.

The pan is designed to be easy-to clean (no annoying corners!) and durable.

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